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Jim Scrivener

The Essential Guide to English Language Teaching has been one of the most successful guides to English since it was first published in 1994. Its no-nonsense appraoch makes it a superb teaching textbook for initial training courses, and also an essential handbook for practising ELT teachers. The new third edition has been revised and restructured to take recent developments in ELT into account and now includes a DVD featuring a full lesson being taught as well as demonstrations of practical teaching techniques.

what to teach  and How to Teach it

Jim Scrivener The perfect companion for both trainees and teacher trainers following courses such as the Cambridge CELTA, and the Trinity Certificate in TESOL, as well as teachers who are unsure of how to present grammar or those who are looking for new ways to present it. Teaching English Grammar aims to combine language information and methodological help in a straightforward, authoritative way and thus help English language teachers prepare and deliver grammar lessons within their syllabus. The book provides teachers with an authoritative and practical handbook on teaching grammar and helps to make preparing grammar lessons easy and straightfoward.


Oscar WIlde

Oscar Wilde's comic masterpiece of love and mistaken identity was a great hit when it first appeared on the stage in 1895 and has remained hugely popular with theatre audiences ever since.


Es'kia Mphahlele

The Story of Eseki, a young boy who, slowly, becomes aware of the injustices, poverty and fear which are a normal part of life for black people in South Africa.

Jack London

A companion piece to White Fang, The Call of the Wild is the story of Buck, a domestic dog who is suddenly stolen and sold to gold prospectors. In this new - and hard - life, Buck's natural instincts are awakened to the call of the wild.


Is a short, concise and practical course that combines print and online materials to efficiently prepare students for the new, computer-based FCE exam.

The accompanying website contains four computer-based tests and downloadable workbook-style material accessed through a unique code found at the back of the Student's Book.

is a short and concise course that combines print and online components.

It takes a four skills and strategy-based approach to TOEFL preparation ideal for adults and young adults who are hoping to study at American English-speaking universities. The Website includes three online TOEFL iBT practice tests for a really authentic test experience.

Each student can access the website through their own unique code found at the back of the Student's Book.

Carolyn B.Duffy , Kathleen Mahnke
The Heinemann ELT TOEFL Preparation Course prepares students for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The course can be used either as a principal textbook in a TOEFL preparation course; as a supplementary textbook to a more general English course; or as a self-study course.
    140 questions in four sections: Listening Comprehension, Structure Written Expression, Reading Comprehension, and the Test of Written English Diagnostic test and score conversion tables
  • Two full practice tests