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Proven Pedagogy, Demonstrated Results

Top Notch is an award-winning six-level course that sets new standards for reflecting how English is used as an international language. Top Notch makes English unforgettable through multiple exposures to language, numerous opportunities to practice it, and systematic and intensive recycling. A goals- and achievement-based lesson plan with can-do statements enables students to confirm their progress. The leader in global communication Top Notch prepares students to communicate in English with a diverse array of speakers around the world who have a wide range of native and non-native accents. An emphasis on cultural fluency enables students to navigate the social, travel, and business situations that they will encounter in their lives.

Key features of the Second Edition New design layout makes instructional content & learning goals explicit. New photos and artwork reinforce key learning points and target vocabulary. New Writing Booster teaches and practices writing skills. Revised Grammar Booster expands knowledge and provides further practice.


Mario Herrera and Barbara Hojel Pre-Primary      Beginner      3 to 5 year-olds | 3 Levels

Pockets develops English language and developmental skills through hands-on, fun activities, and equips children for continued success in learning English.
    Children confidently learn English through conversations, songs and chants, punch-out or cut-out activities, stickers and videos.
    Connections with varied content areas (art, music, math, languague arts, science and dramatic play) help children learn about the world around them.
    Home-school connections featuring Tell-a-Story books, take-home Audio CD and homework instructions for parents consolidate children´s learning and can be shared with their families.
    Interactive classroom videos consolidate and recycle new language, and offer expansion activities.


Cristiana Bruni, Izabella Hearn, Anne Worrall, Pat Mugglestone, Susannah Reed and Richard Northcot

Primary Beginner, Elementary   6 to 11 year-olds |6 Levels

English Adventure makes learning English a memorable and magical experience. English Adventure is: Ideal for mixed-ability groups Suitable for different learning styles

With English Adventure children: Explore new cultural realities and reflect on their own Lear language trough specially scripted stories featuring Disney characters they know and love The Fun Facts section at the end of each unit includes a non-fiction text related to the topic and a Project.

Our World, the magazine section, presents children with customs and traditions from different cultures. The Teacher´s CD-Rom includes: Planificación Anual by Leonor Corradi with Claudia Ferradas Moi, Motivar para Educar, De los Objetivos al Aula, and Actividades de Extensión.

Jane Arnold, Herbert Puchta and Mario Rinvolucri


Imagine That! explores new ways to enliven your classroom by opening 'the mind's eye, ear and heart' with over 70 motivating activities that help your students learn more effectively. Using more of their inner resources, students will find greater personal meaning in the classroom experience. Imagine That! presents a clear introduction to mental imagery, stressing its importance for our cognitive processes in general and for better language learning. A brief review of relevant research provides a background for the many practical ideas about using imagery in secondary and adult ELT classrooms described in this book. All the language skills are addressed. The book comes with a multimedia CD-ROM with worksheets, artwork, music, and recordings of parts of the activities. It can be used on a computer with Power Point and with a CD player. The activities can be adapted and used for all level of students from beginner to advanced.

Herbert Puchta and Mario Rinvolucri


Multiple Intelligences in EFL gives a brief overview of the latest research into multiple intelligences relevant for EFL. It shows how you can enrich your own teaching by systematically activating other intelligences in your language lessons and demonstrates what you can do so that more students feel 'addressed' in your class. This book will help you to appreciate otherwise hidden strengths in your students and provide fun lessons through over 70 clear and easy-to-follow 'teaching recipes'.

Herbert Puchta, Günter Gerngross and Scott Thornbury

Advanced Teaching Grammar Creatively is a practical new resource book that offers a variety of lessons and activities for everyday use in English language classes. It aims to stimulate students' imagination, humour and creativity and increase the effectiveness of grammar practice. The book offers more than 50 complete lessons covering a wide range of grammar structures, learner levels, and age groups. Each lesson is divided into two main sections: Language Awareness Activities and Creative Grammar Practice. The Language Awareness Activities are designed to introduce and provide initial practice of items that may still be unfamiliar to students. The Creative Grammar Practice section provides ideas for a deeper and more personalised familiarisation with these items, always with an element of individual creativity. Each lesson ends with the creation of a learner text - a permanent and original record of the grammar, in the form of a story or a poem for example.

Scott Thornbury and Peter Watkins

Pre/in-service teacher training      

British English The CELTA Course is the only CELTA preparation course endorsed by Cambridge ESOL. It provides full coverage of the CELTA syllabus in a ready-to-use course. The CELTA Course is divided into user-friendly sections: * Input sessions (40 units on 'The learners and their contexts', 'Classroom teaching', 'Language awareness', and 'Professional development') * Teaching practice * Classroom observation * Written assignments and tutorials * 'Resource file' The Trainee Book includes a range of material to be used in input sessions, helpful advice about the course, and a wealth of useful reference material. The Trainer's Manual includes suggestions on how to best use the material with trainees, as well as help and advice on how to prepare trainees for teaching practice, lesson observations, written assessment and tutorials.

Key Features
    The CELTA Course is a fully comprehensive CELTA preparation course so that trainers and trainees have all the material they need. The course is written in collaboration with Cambridge ESOL so trainers and trainees can be sure the content is appropriate. The Trainee Book provides CELTA candidates with both a helpful reference during training, and a permanent record for use after the course. The Trainer's Manual and Trainee Book offer course providers a ready-to-use CELTA course.

Kay Bentley
Pre/in-service teacher training       British English

This course is designed for teachers and trainee teachers preparing for the Cambridge ESOL TKT: Content and Language Integrated Learning test (TKT: CLIL). It is ideal for both content and language teachers. Written by a CLIL expert in collaboration with Cambridge ESOL, this course covers the four key areas of the test: knowledge of CLIL and principles of CLIL, lesson preparation, lesson delivery and assessment. It will also be useful for anyone seeking an introduction to CLIL theory and practice. The TKT Course CLIL Module introduces teachers to the concepts and terminology central to CLIL and provides an introduction to its main theories, approaches and activities. Teachers are then encouraged to apply these to their own teaching contexts and analyse their usefulness to their own learners. Materials and activities are available which further develop and explore the topics introduced in the course.
Key Features
    Written by a TKT CLIL expert in collaboration with Cambridge ESOL. CLIL terms and concepts are clearly explained for non-specialist teachers. Model practice test and TKT: CLIL sample tasks help candidates become familiar with the format and style of the TKT exam. Regular concept checking tasks and full answer key make it perfect for self-study. Methodology section with practice test in one volume provides a comprehensive package for TKT CLIL candidates.