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prize graphic icon Joint Winner Duke of Edinburgh English-Speaking Union English Language Award 2008.

General English plus curricular and academic vocabulary for students studying other subjects in English (biology, maths, science, travel and tourism, etc). Binding: Mixed media format Oxford Student's Dictionary is a corpus-based dictionary with the curricular, academic and general English vocabulary students need to know to study other subjects in English. The CD-ROM includes the complete dictionary, and allows students to search for words by subject or topic and to create their own word lists in the My Topics Dictionary.

Third Edition

Wordpower builds vocabulary fast. The CD-ROM includes the full dictionary, Oxford Wordfinder Dictionary, vocabulary games and exercises. A Trainer booklet helps students get more from their Wordpower. Pages: 912 Binding: Paperback Dimensions: 198x129 mm Oxford Wordpower Dictionary is a corpus-based dictionary that provides the tools intermediate learners need to build vocabulary - fast. Oxford 3000™ keyword entries show the most important words to know in English and Topic Notes cover the language needed for exam-related topics. Students can search the A-Z dictionary by word or topic on the CD-ROM, and use the exercises to practise for international exams.

A corpus-based dictionary of the essential vocabulary learners need at elementary to pre-intermediate level.
Oxford Essential Dictionary gives all the essential help and information elementary and pre-intermediate learners need. It includes 19,000 words, phrases and meanings but identifies the 2,000 most important words in English so students know which words to learn first. Focus Notes give extra help with grammar, pronunciation, and spelling. The CD-ROM includes the full dictionary, Picture Dictionary, exam preparation (KET) exercises, language games, and a Speaking Dictionary.

The award-winning and best-selling dictionary for advanced learners has now become the teacher's and learner's choice.

Its innovative features and wide accessibility have earned it the two most prestigious awards in the ELT world. New! Over 100,000 references with 30,000 idioms and phrases Up-to-date corpus information on new words, spoken English and collocations. Easy to use! Clear, simple explanations using 2,500 of the most common words Quick menus in long entries get you to the meaning you want – fast. Real help! Special focus on the words you need most, highlighted in red, explained in more detail and graded for frequency of use 22-page Language Awareness section on key areas such as spoken English, computer words and business English Over 1000 illustrated words, many in two colours, plus a 16-page full colour section.

CD-ROM Listen to correct English Hear the pronunciation of any word in correct British and American English at the click of a button Record, play back and practise your pronunciation Practise difficult sounds with the special Sound Search. Find the word more quickly Get to the meaning you want – instantly – by pointing at any word you see while reading or writing documents or emails or while surfing the Internet Check your English spelling immediately by clicking on the word you have written.

by Steven J. Molinsky, Bill Bliss

The Word by Word Basic Picture Dictionary presents vocabulary in context, designed through vibrant illustrations and simple, accessible lesson pages, for learners at low-beginning and literacy levels. Each lesson is self-contained and can be used either sequentially or in any desired order. Program Highlights

    More than 2,500 vocabulary words focus on key topics to help low-beginning students succeed using everyday language to meet survival needs. Research-based lessons integrate vocabulary, topics, and grammar. Expanded dialogue practice and discussion questions promote students' communication skills. WordSongs Music CD included with the dictionary extends learning outside the classroom through motivating musical practice.

Designed for adult learners of English, the new Longman Photo Dictionary of American English uses clear, contemporary color photos to make learning new vocabulary fun, and new words easy to remember! Suitable for both classroom use and home reference, this dictionary teaches real language in real contexts to help beginners master over 3,000 key words.

* Over 3,000 essential words grouped contextually or thematically include 94 different topics from everyday lifeThe Kitchen, The Supermarket, Public Transportationto specific interests such as Technology, Sports, Hobbies, and more. * Over 1,000 full-color photos give students the visual context essential for understanding the accurate meaning and uses of each word. * Classroom conversation activities cover basic grammar points and stimulate conversation by helping students practice the new vocabulary by describing people, objects, and situations. * Extra writing practice with controlled exercises at the back of the book recycles all the words through word searches, crossword puzzles, matching activities, and so on. * An alphabetically organized Wordlist offers useful phonetic pronunciations and quickly guides students to photos of words they don’t know.

Now with CD ROM! Do you need to explain macroeconomics in the classroom? Would your students know what a hurdle rate is? This new edition of the Longman Business English Dictionary gives students an in-depth knowledge of all the vocabulary they need to survive in today’s fast-paced business environment, whether they are students of business English or people already in work.

    You and your students will find it easy to understand complex business terms because all definitions are written using just 2000 common words, making even the most difficult business jargon clear and easy to understandMake sure you know the latest buzz-words – this fully revised edition is completely up-to-dateStudents learn real-world business English from thousands of example sentences which are taken from authentic business English sourcesImprove your students’ chances of success in the BEC and BULATS exams, by introducing them to the interactive exam practice on the CD-ROM

Gets to the heart of the language

No matter how advanced your level of English, it’s difficult to fully understand the language unless you understand the many cultural references that you see when reading books or newspapers. This dictionary gives you a deeper insight into the language by explaining cultural references, and helps you easily answer those difficult questions students might ask you about British and American culture.
  • Covers everything you are likely to need – 15,000 encyclopaedic entries covering people, places, history, geography, the arts and popular culture
  • 80000 words and phrases with clear definitions
  • NEW! Get in-depth understanding on topics such as festivals, special days and key events in British and American history from the colour feature pages
  • No need to carry two dictionaries – also includes a full language dictionary