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by Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss

Side by Side   is an all-skills course that integrates conversation practice, reading, writing, and listening - all in a light-hearted, fun, and easy-to-use format that has been embraced by students and teachers worldwide.

Key Features: * Guided conversations allow students to speaking with confidence when using new grammatical and functional language * A balanced range of speaking, reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation activities help students develop well-rounded language skills * Side by Side Gazette 'magazine-style' pages feature cross-cultural articles, role-playing and email exchanges * The Teacher's Guide contains detailed lesson plans, expansion activities, teaching strategies and culture notes, making it an essential resource for busy teachers.

Proven Pedagogy, Demonstrated Results

Top Notch is an award-winning six-level course that sets new standards for reflecting how English is used as an international language. Top Notch makes English unforgettable through multiple exposures to language, numerous opportunities to practice it, and systematic and intensive recycling. A goals- and achievement-based lesson plan with can-do statements enables students to confirm their progress. The leader in global communication Top Notch prepares students to communicate in English with a diverse array of speakers around the world who have a wide range of native and non-native accents. An emphasis on cultural fluency enables students to navigate the social, travel, and business situations that they will encounter in their lives.

Key features of the Second Edition New design layout makes instructional content & learning goals explicit. New photos and artwork reinforce key learning points and target vocabulary. New Writing Booster teaches and practices writing skills. Revised Grammar Booster expands knowledge and provides further practice.

is a four-level, multi-skills English series for adult and young-adult learners.

Each unit includes relevant content, additional grammar practice, and more opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills. Focusing on both accuracy and fluency, the multi-skills syllabus integrates themes, grammar, functions, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The series incorporates suggestions from teachers and students all over the world. Beginning to Intermediate

Key Features

Contemporary, real-world topics Natural, conversational language Grammar in communicative contexts Fun, personalized speaking activities An updated pronunciation syllabus Frequent learner-centered progress checks A self-study listening section Free self-study Audio CD in every Student's Book Research behind Interchange These research booklets provide the methodology and theories behind Interchange, Third Edition.