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Cristiana Bruni, Izabella Hearn, Anne Worrall, Pat Mugglestone, Susannah Reed and Richard Northcot

Primary Beginner, Elementary   6 to 11 year-olds |6 Levels

English Adventure makes learning English a memorable and magical experience. English Adventure is: Ideal for mixed-ability groups Suitable for different learning styles

With English Adventure children: Explore new cultural realities and reflect on their own Lear language trough specially scripted stories featuring Disney characters they know and love The Fun Facts section at the end of each unit includes a non-fiction text related to the topic and a Project.

Our World, the magazine section, presents children with customs and traditions from different cultures. The Teacher´s CD-Rom includes: Planificación Anual by Leonor Corradi with Claudia Ferradas Moi, Motivar para Educar, De los Objetivos al Aula, and Actividades de Extensión.