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Michael McCarthy, Jeanne McCarten and Helen Sandiford Beginning American English Based on extensive research into how people actually use English, Touchstone teaches students the grammar, vocabulary, and conversation strategies they need to communicate fluently and successfully in today's modern world. Its unique comprehensive syllabus also offers truly communicative pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing tasks. With Touchstone in print, teachers and students are guaranteed lively lessons of personalized, learner-centered interaction exposure to natural English, and the development of learning strategies that students can take beyond the classroom.
Key Features
    Conversation strategies present common techniques that people use to manage conversations. These help learners interact naturally and effectively. In Conversation panels present interesting facts about how vocabulary and grammar are typically used in conversation. Grammar is presented in natural contexts, with inductive tasks that develop language awareness. Vocabulary Notebook pages provide practical tips and activities on different ways to record and remember new vocabulary. Personalized speaking practice is integrated with all language and skills activities. Listening passages are taken from real-life contexts. Reading activities lead to realistic, contemporary writing tasks. A Self-study Audio CD/CD-ROM provides supplemental listening, speaking and vocabulary activities. Self-assessment tools that encourage learner independence and clear learner aims.